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Book Review by Robin Clark for Readers Favorite

by Robin Clark for Readers Favorite

Amelia Jones is a private detective with a little something extra in the asset column. Not only does she have the normal PI skills, she also has a heightened sense of smell and hearing. You see, not only is Amelia a great PI, she is also a werewolf. In this story, Amelia takes on a case that stretches not only her skills as a detective to the limits, but also her ability to hide her true self. She becomes wrapped in a web of deceit, misunderstandings, and lust when she is asked to follow her new client’s husband who she thinks is being unfaithful to her. Along the way she becomes acquainted with a few people whose scents make her feeling very uneasy. She begins to receive disturbing calls warning her to be careful and that her parents are in danger. Could her case and the calls be connected? It begins to look that way. Will she be able to find the answers? Will she be able to fight the “animal” urges she begins to feel for her clients husband?

This book is the start of something! The reader is left wanting book two right away. I enjoyed being trapped in this web and searching for answers. I feel that anyone who enjoys a good mystery will enjoy this book with its twists and turns. Keep your seat belts on.

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