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“Interesting” Stories on the way and Amelia Book 2

I am so pleased with the overall response so far to my literary efforts. Being able to share my ideas with the masses has filled me with a joy unrivaled and without comparison to any other I have felt. Lost is doing well as a first project and its successes have fueled me with the vigor necessary to keep on writing. Today I want to announce a new project that I’m working on tentatively titled Pandora’s Box, which will be a series of adult-themed short stories that vary from urban tales of lust, forbidden passions, and romantic adventures. The first of these tales “The New Guy” should be available for the Kindle, within the next couple of weeks. I will add more stories to the collection in the future, several are already in progress.

Also, I’m moving full steam ahead on the second installment of the Amelia Jones Private Detective Series. I’m really proud of where the story is going so far and fans of the first book will be in for a treat. Many of your unanswered questions will be answered and you will love what is going on with some of your favorite characters. This book is on target for a December 2012 release just before the end of the world, so at least we can all fade away having had at least a little entertainment beforehand. I personally hope I get to see the Hobbit first.

Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to sharing more of my projects.

– Pandora

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