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When inflicted with writer’s block

It’s been months since I have updates this blog or have written in general. It would be easy if I didn’t have any inspiration or ideas left, but far from it. Maybe it’s that I spent over a month reading the entire Black Dagger Brotherhood. Which by the way, was time well spent.

I almost feel like my inner muse went on vacation and she is just returning albeit with a little jet lag. So I’m behind. Amelia Book two isn’t close to being finished, and I’m just now getting close to my third Pandora Intimate Encounter although I should have five done by now.

Wish me luck and send your positive energy my way if you can. I need to start my Vampire, Sci-fi, Zombie, and Vampire novels.

Thank you for following me and reading my works. Guess it’s time to get back to work!

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