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3rd Intimate Encounter coming soon!

Late night inspiration caused me to finally finish my 3rd Intimate encounter. I rarely toot my own horn, but this one is very hot in my opinion and fans of The New Guy and Remembrance may reconsider their allegiances. So far unedited this new short story titled “Lights Low, Moans High, Party Hot” is about 18k words. Comparatively, The New Guy is  a little over 8k words and Remembrance a little over 10k. My goal for these shorts is “supposed” to be no more than 10k words, but I got a little too into this one and you’ll see why. Off to the editor LLMHPH goes and back to Photoshop I go to tweak the cover. I can’t wait to get this out to you guys. Sneak peaks are available to those who have read the previous two encounters, contact me for the details. I was going to stop at this short and hit the pause button on this genre until I finish Amelia Jones Book 2, but I’ve decided to work on a quickie short titled “Demarkus”. I’ll keep you posted on that development as well.


Thank you all for your support,


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