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Back to the Basics


It seems that the more I’ve stressed myself out about marketing what books I have written, the more I stall or find myself to mentally exhausted to write new material. I’ve finally decided to allow for a more organic and healthy process to take over as it relates to book sales and marketing. I’m basically going to stop caring. I didn’t decide to become a writer as a get rich quick scheme and it seems the more I focus on sales (or lack thereof) the more I find that my life is consumed with the constant worry of sales or reviews. In order to “transcend” I have found that letting go of the worry has put me back in the frame of mind where I’m back to writing for all the reasons I started in the first place, namely to escape the mundane trappings of everyday life and to share my ideas, characters, and stories with like-minded individuals. Going back to the basics has led me to complete my 3rd erotic short story, begin an entirely new novel, and to continue work on existing projects with the same passion and zeal that I had prior to drifting over to the Dark Side where writers are lost in details of monetary exploits. At the end of the day whether I sell another book or receive another review, I now realize that what it means to be a happy and content writer is to love writing for the sake of writing and nothing else. I hope to stay on the right path. 🙂

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