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New Release Jitters – The After Party

It’s been 2 years since I published my last story Lights, Party, Moan, so it’s only fitting that I make my return to Amazon with The After Party a follow-up to LPM. I recently sent the final draft out to have one last look and to be formatted and I’m just as nervous and excited as when I published my first book Lost! I’m really hoping people like this one and that I keep the momentum I’ve gained with this release. Right now, I’m trying to finish Amelia Jones book 2 because everyone including family are beginning to treat me like most fans treat George R.R. Martin these days. Granted I’m no George R.R. Martin, but for those who enjoyed my first tale, they’re wondering what’s taking me so long. I’m wondering too! LOL I have so many projects I need to complete, that if I sat down and finished them all, I’d probably publish 4 novels this year in all. I feel like a kid on a sugar high though, excited about the future and excited to hear what the fans think. Stay tuned, I’m thinking The After Party, may be available before July 4th!

Thank you so much for your support

– Pandora

P.S. I finally decided on a cover


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