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New Release: The After Party

I happy to announce that my new story The After Party is available for purchase on Amazon. The After Party is a follow-up to Lights, Party, Moan and continues the story of Lance and Emily, two co-workers who are trying to cope after their adventure at an orgy. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did writing it and will leave a review on Amazon when you finish it! Thank you for your support,



An orgy is usually the last place one imagines they’ll find a boyfriend or a girlfriend. As luck would have it, co-workers Lance and Emily think they may have. After attending a party in which they abandoned their indiscretions and experienced pleasures they’d previously never thought possible, now they find it difficult to approach each other. Weeks of worry and insecurity come to a head when one of them decides to break the ice. Will they take things to the next level or will they abandon their fantasies and leave the past in the past? Join Lance and Emily in the continuation of their story which began in Lights, Party, Moan. Find out if they decide whether or not the spark ignited at the unlikeliest of places is worth fanning into a flame.


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