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Interview – Hei!books

I recently had an amazing author interview at Hei!books. They asked some pretty good questions and I enjoyed the entire experience. Hei!Books was created to allow emerging writers to advertise and spread the word about their work, completely free of charge. It’s a great site and should definitely be supported. Here’s an excerpt:

The interview

Heibooks: Ok let’s start. How long have you been writing this book?

Pandora: Off and on for almost a year.

HeiBooks: Correct me if I’m wrong, but “The After Party” is the book next to “Lights, Party, Moan”?

Pandora: Yes, more or less. It’s a continuation of the story that began in that book, but I wouldn’t call it a direct sequel per se. I never intended a part 2 from the onset, it just happened.

HeiBooks: Ok, it is not a problem. Well, ow did you get the idea to connect the “real love” with the Orgy?

Pandora: Great question! Years ago I read an article somewhere about the seedier side of Craigslist and began looking at some of the ads in my local area. There was one about an Orgy and how males had to pay a fee and females/couples were free and what not and I immediately got the idea about a broke, young guy who wanted to go to one of these, but didn’t want to come up with the money. So then in my twisted mind, I wondered what would happen if he asked a co-worker he was close with to go and the story flowed from there. Why would she say yes, how would this experience shape them as people, and what would they think of one another afterward were all questions I pondered as I developed the tale. It came to me that such an unorthodox event would produce emotions of bonding similar to any other “traumatic” experience or one which two individuals had to maintain a closely guarded secret. I mean, what woman would just say yes to such a proposition unless there was already something about the guy she liked, plus how would this experience strengthen or hinder this bond? I really wanted to explore that in depth. It seems possible that this could happen in “real life” I think.

HeiBooks: I think so! You know, this is always an hard theme to talk about (Hard in all the sense). Many people thins that Sex is essential for Love. They say Love without Sex could hardly exist. What do you think about it?

Pandora: I think sex is the culmination of love or at least good sex is! Sex in a vacuum can be fun, nice, and even exciting, but at the end of the day, I believe it begins with the trace element of love, which in my mind is infatuation. I don’t know anyone who’s had sex without at least being attracted on some level first. I believe even in that initial attraction there’s something there that if properly developed can turn into love. Now can you love without sex? Absolutely! Married couples are proof of that right? Seriously though sex is a by product if you will, an effect of an initial cause. So the emotion always comes first wether it’s intense or as trivial as you like his eyes and would love to see him naked and more.

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