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Review: Clans

Clans by Darren Shan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve realized that when it comes to Darren Shan I must be indulging in my masochistic side. This series will be the death of me and though I keep telling myself to wait until its finished before I continue reading, I find myself chasing each new edition like a favorite comic. By now I’m well familiar with the set-up. Recap, continue the story, add some new revelations, and then STAB THE READER IN THE GUT AND TWIST THE KNIFE!!! Everytime you’re 3/4’s of the way done with these books, you should get on edge and wait for the knife. Even though you know it’s coming, Darren Shan still finds a way to catch you off guard. Clans is probably executed the best so far and that’s saying a lot considering it took the entirety of the first book for most to realize the main character was a girl and the same book ended with her heart being ripped out! There are other moments throughout the series that will leave you shocked and cursing the name Darren Shan, but none so intense and deserved thus far than Clans. Slack-jawed is one of those cute phrases that’s rare to see in real life, but Clans will make it happen. I literally gasped, went slack-jawed, and then proceeded to let out a steady flow of expletives. I hadn’t had a similar reaction to a book since the last chapter of The Dark Tower or when Snape killed Dumbledore! Damn you Darren Shan, please take my money again in October when the next book is released!

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