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Don’t be fooled writing a synopsis is hard work!

So you’ve finally completed your baby. Maybe this is your first or maybe even your fifthteenth novel. You,ve wrapped up writing your epic and you’re ready to “pitch” your work. Writing a paragraph or two explaining your manuscript should be easy right? Who knows more about the story than the person who spent countless hours slaving over each and every word?

Unless you’re a literary god, let me be the first to state that this is hard work! 

After 220 plus pages of writing, I was certain I could write a synopsis for my book. What was two paragraphs compared to 68,000 words? My first Amelia Jones novel took almost 2 years to create (yeah I know) and now I have spent almost 2 months trying to write a synopsis for it. Below is my 15th or so draft and I still think it needs work. My point: I think this is the worse part of the experience for me……so far…… 🙂

Amelia Jones and her dads, Derrick and Thomas, have been harboring a secret: On Amelia’s ninth birthday, they discovered Amelia is a werewolf. Although they have since guarded this secret and tried to live normal lives, against her dads’ wishes, Amelia decides to leverage her abilities by opening a private detective agency. Business is not booming. Distraught about her failing business and growing pile of bills, Amelia is ready to admit the truth to her parents when wealthy heiress Elizabeth Harold visits the agency and offers an opportunity. Elizabeth’s request to investigate her escort-turned-husband Matthew, whom she suspects of cheating, comes with extravagant rewards and emotional turmoil for Amelia. What would be a simple case for most private detectives is anything but for a self-described hermit with virtually no experience with the opposite sex. Torn between the allure of money and telling the truth, Amelia must decide whether she is willing to compromise her secret for her pride.

“LOST: AMELIA JONES PRIVATE DETECTIVE BOOK 1” is a journey of self-discovery, romance, and intrigue. It follows Amelia through an emotional war that pits her against family, a newfound lover, and the beast within. Amelia’s investigation will test the inhibitions that have ruled her since childhood. Her choices could mean the difference between life and death.

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