I never aspired to be a writer and it probably shows, but I did grow up wanting to paint the world in my image. I did this literally for many years as a fine artist. Although my paint brushes are long put to the side, I have realized that my desire to paint the world

20 May 2012

Book Selling Business

No one ever said this would be easy, but somehow I convinced myself that it wouldn’t be that difficult. Ha! Talk about being naive! I actually thought that writing the book was the hardest part of this process. I’m now realizing that selling your book, is not only difficult, it’s painful. Self-publishing has to rank

18 May 2012

Mother’s day promotion and the nervous tick

In a rush of last minute inspiration, 5/12 I decided to offer Lost for free on Mother’s Day. I made the announcement on on my author page, Facebook, and Twitter, but other than that, didn’t do any promotion. To my amazement, 992 people took me up on the offer and I’m still trying to

14 May 2012

So now what?

Now that my first novel is published and out the way so to speak, what should I do now? That’s the question I have been asking myself since last week. It’s funny when I think over the past couple of years when after reading and endless stream of Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris, Laurel K. Hamilton,

07 May 2012

It’s ALIVE!!!!

The HARD work and effort is finally realized as my first book, Lost: Amelia Jones Private Detective Series Book 1 has just gone live on No first time launch is without it’s hiccups, and for me its┬áthe synopsis. It is not the one I submitted and hopefully Amazon will fix this before everyone gets

04 May 2012
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